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Exhausted Seal Pup Died After Being Harassed By People

An exhausted seal pup, who was harassed by people who repeatedly chased him away from a Northumberland beach, died. According to BBC News, the pup was trying to rest on the beach, but people kept chasing him back into the water.

It is not believed that the people were purposefully trying to harm the pup. Medic Jane Hardy said:

I don’t think people are intentionally chasing the seals back in the sea to do harm to them,” adding, “they assume, wrongly, that ‘seals need to be in the sea’, and drive them back in.”

It is important to remember that seals hunt in the sea, but they live on the land and need the beach area to rest and digest their food. Experts warn that distressed seals will sometimes fling themselves from rocks or cliffs just to escape from humans.

(Images via Pixabay free images)

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  1. OMG, poor precious pup….what a horrible way to die…..These people are absolutely brainless scumbags!!! They should have left this poor seal in peace!!! Stupid devils!!

  2. This is not a case of just playing with this seal pup, the people were actually almost attacking it to chase it back into the sea. I hope they can find the ones who did this and charge them with something…

  3. I can’t wrap my head around human interactions with wildlife. If you’re not an expert, don’t pretend to be and think you know what every animal needs. That poor baby pup; another one gone. At the rate of human stupidity, I dread thinking of what wildlife will be around in 10 years. Wake up people, LEAVE WILDLIFE ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Poor baby didn’t need to die. Whether intentional or not, this pup died because of human interference. People need to be smarter and leave wild animals alone. Just like the walrus Freya in Norway who was killed because people wouldn’t stay away from her, no matter how many times they were warned. She lost her life as did this poor put and neither did anything to deserve their fate.

  5. I too am disgusted but such human centricity. I don’t know if these idiots thought were doing but in the end they killed this seal pup and I can only hope they feel guilt for what they did. It does not say if they were concerned or were just one large group of dreck (scum in Yiddish) the fact is that they acted cruelly and irresponsibly. Education is needed after this tragedy and I have to hope they will carry the memory of what they did for a long time. That poor pup. We are truly the most dangerous and ultimate invasive species on the planet.

  6. Intentional or not an animal died due to the actions of humans. Perhaps if people were not so used to seeing animals exploited at circuses, zoos, and places like Sea World, they wouldn’t operate under the assumption that they are smarter and more deserving.

  7. Some people are just plain dumb and ignorant but this poor seal’s senseless death is on them! Stupid asses, leave the damn animals alone. They’re smarter than you!!

  8. People are so absolutely retarded is astonishing. Freaking WATCH animals, DON’T TOUCH, DON’T DISTURB THEM! Only under certain critical circumstances in which animals are wounded should you do something, mostly calling a rehab center or wildlife organization. I really hope these bastards can’t sleep and regret this for the rest of their lives because they killed an animal who already had all the odds against them. Shame on you.

    • 100% spot on! what a bunch of Schmucks and no matter how many times you tell them to leave these animals alone they just keep going. almost as bad as the jerks who still haven’t figured out a hot car is nowhere for an animal to be.


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