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‘Exceptionally Proud’ Hound Rescued By Firefighters After Chasing Cat Up Tree

Newport News, VA – An ‘exceptionally proud” blue tick Hound found himself stuck in a tree after chasing a cat. According to a social media post by Newport News Animal Welfare, the dog, Tator, showed the world that dogs can indeed climb trees if they are motivated enough.

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But the steadfast determination that landed Tator 20-feet above ground on a tree branch did not equate to the ability to get back down to the ground. The animal welfare agency said, “It appears that Tator, in an ambitious chase after a cat, escalated his pursuit to new heights, quite literally. Recognizing the gravity (and the height) of the situation, assistance from the Newport News Fire Department was requested.”

Station 2 firefighters were able to safely extricate Tator from his perch, noting that he was “exceptionally proud,” and happily, uninjured.


Boris the cat, the feline who prompted the tree-climbing escapade, was also observed in the tree…just out of Tator’s reach and apparently enjoying his superior tree climbing skills.


The animal welfare group said, “Today, the Fire Department learned that dogs can climb up trees, Tator learned he can’t climb down trees, and the Animal Welfare Division learned what happens when you say the word “quiet” out loud.
Thank you again, Newport News Fire Department!”

(All images via Newport News Animal Welfare Facebook page)

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  1. It was a bit disturbing that Tater was so hellbent on getting Boris that he climbed 20 feet to get him but still a funny story. Boris definitely had the last laugh in that situation and the people got a good chuckle too.



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