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Estimated 100,000 Chickens Died In Fire At Egg Farm Facility

Bozrah, Conn. – On Saturday, January 28, a devastating fire erupted at Hillandale Farms on Schwartz Road. The blaze killed an estimated 100,000 chickens at the egg-laying facility.

In a news release, Hillandale Farms said:

We can confirm that one chicken house was lost and that no other buildings were compromised. We are deeply grateful that no employees were hurt in the fire.

A September 2022 report from the USDA provides statistics on egg production in the U.S.

Total layers in the United States on September 1, 2022 totaled 372 million, down 3 percent from last year. The 372 million
layers consisted of 305 million layers producing table or market type eggs, 63.0 million layers producing broiler-type
hatching eggs, and 3.55 million layers producing egg-type hatching eggs. Rate of lay per day on September 1, 2022, averaged
79.1 eggs per 100 layers, up 2 percent from September 1, 2021.

State officials and local fire authorities are working with Hillandale Farms to determine the cause of the fire.

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  1. What about the chickens being killed in a horrible death. Tired of no one caring about the poor animals suffering horrible deaths because of greedy people. Let the owners suffer with the chickens next time.

  2. I am always suspicious of fires. People are vindictive greedy and selfish and they don’t care if houses burn down apartments burn down barns and don’t care about the lives of animals. I believe in God and that justice will be served one day. But yes I’m very suspicious of fires and this one in particular. Poor innocent creatures!!

  3. Oh so they’re deeply grateful no employees were killed but the obviously don’t give a shit about the chickens. I will never support factory farms. People need to change their ways and if they feel the need to eat meat they should do their research.

  4. All these places care about is profit from suffering – and insurance money if this happens. I oppose all of these hellholes and this is one reason why I went plant-based.


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