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End Of Life Foster Or Adopter Needed For Senior Dog Who Nobody Wants

Kennewick, WA – A senior dog, who is visually impaired and has health issues, is in need of an end-of-life foster or adopter to save him from spending his last days in a lonely shelter kennel run.

His name is Snoopy, and he has been at the Benton Franklin Humane Society for nearly two years…

Three days ago, a social media post was made on Snoopy’s behalf:

SNOOPY is looking for an end of life foster or adopter. He has cushings disease, so he has problems with his vision, hearing and weight. Please share so we can find him the perfect home.

Please share Snoopy’s adoption information and help him find a loving person who can give him a real home for the remainder of his days.

Adoption profile here.

Shelter address:

736 East 7th Avenue
Kennewick, WA 99336

Shelter phone: (509) 374-4235

Note: All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the shelter. Animal Victory is not affiliated with this dog or this shelter. Thank you.

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    • Why don’t u contact The Asher House in Oregon & forward this info to them? This story is just so heartbreaking & u can’t count on the shelter to follow thru? Please for Snoopy’s sake do whatever u can to help! (I am in eastern CDA, so not much use.



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