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Emaciated Dog, Abandoned At Park, Receives An Outpouring Of Love And Support

Franklin County, OH – An emaciated dog, abandoned at a park last week, has received an outpouring of support and love from those who have learned of her situation. On Wednesday, the Franklin County Dog Shelter recounted the situation, and the deluge of interest the pup has received since she was saved:

When they arrived on the scene to find 9-month-old Juniper suffering from severe neglect and extreme emaciation, Juniper was transported to the shelter where our staff rallied together and right away began providing Juniper with the lifesaving care that she was in need of.

Since her arrival, the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center has received thousands of phone calls and messages in regard to Juniper.

Juniper has made progress, but the road to recovery is long. She has been transferred to one of the shelter’s rescue partners, Rescue Me Pawsome Style INC., to continue her journey.

Nobody knows who is responsible for letting Juniper become so emaciated, but she is safe now, and those caring for her will do their utmost to ensure that her next home is perfect.

Best of luck sweet Juniper!

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