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Emaciated Alligator Pulled From Brooklyn Lake Is Too Weak To Eat Food

Bronx, NY – An emaciated alligator, pulled from a park lake in Brooklyn earlier this week, is reportedly too weak to eat food. According to the Bronx Zoo, the gaunt gator weighs a mere 15 pounds and she is receiving nourishment via tube feeding.

The five-to-six-year-old alligator, dubbed Godzilla, ingested a large bathtub stopper at some point, but it cannot be surgically removed until she is stronger. In a statement, the zoo said, “We will continue to provide supportive care for her and determine the next steps based on how she responds to treatment.”

Godzilla was rescued from Prospect Park Lake after a New York City Parks Department maintenance worker spotted her. Officials believe that someone abandoned Godzilla in the lake when she because too large to keep as a “pet,” which is illegal in New York City.

A healthy alligator of Godzilla’s age should weight between 30 and 35 pounds.

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  1. May Godzilla rally and return to health and freedom, in safety. She’s probably had a hellish life up to this point. May she thrive.



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