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Elderly Woman Granted Dying Wish To Be Reunited With Her Beloved Horse

With just months to live, an elderly woman was granted her dying wish to see her beloved horse one last time.

Connecticut – When an elderly woman in “rapidly declining” health repeatedly talked about her beloved horse, Bella, around her care providers, they put plans in place to ensure that her dying wish to see the horse would be granted. According to sources, 79-year-old Karina Courtmanche had raised the 30-year-old horse since she was a foal.

Courtmanche wanted to see Bella one last time before dying, so her team of nurses set out to make it happen. Michelle Walker, RN Case Manager for Connecticut Hospice, tells WFSB News:

“I’m very excited that I’m able to give her this last wish. It’s important to her, so it’s important to us,”

With the help of a medical transport, Courtmanche made the trek from Mary Wade Home to Bittersweet Farm in Bethany.

Dying woman granted last wish to reunited with beloved horse
Dying woman granted last wish to be reunited with beloved horse

At the farm, from a stretcher wheeled to Bella’s stall, Courtmanche was finally exactly where she longed to be, within touching distance of her beloved horse.

With her frail body resting on the stretcher, the dying elderly woman’s wish became a bittersweet reality as her trembling hand reached out to stroke the velvety nose of her loyal companion.

In that tender moment, surrounded by the team who made her dream a reality, she whispered her final goodbyes, cherishing the soft nuzzle against her palm and the shared carrot between them.

A dying woman's final wish to see her beloved horse was granted.
A dying woman’s final wish to see her beloved horse was granted.

Bella will remain in the care of the Bittersweet Farm after Karina passes away.

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  1. heartbreaking, yet the thing she wanted most as she lay dying is to touch her horse one last time. that’s love! very cool of everyone who made her wish a reality. i hope she rests in peace free of her pain!

  2. May this true amazing animal lover rest in peace….and hopefully her horse will have a good life with other dedicated animal lovers now….

  3. Thank you to everyone who made this woman’s dying wish a reality. You all got your wings for being so kind, caring and compassionate. I have tears in my eyes for the love that both the woman and the horse gave to one another. What a wonderful story and I am so glad I got to read it.




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