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Elderly Man Accused Of Poisoning Dogs; Abandoning One At The Dump

Nye County, NV – An elderly Nevada man is accused of abandoning and poisoning his dogs. According to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office, 85-year-old Apolonio Aniceto was jailed on felony animal cruelty charges.

On December 24, the sheriff’s office posted an image of an ailing dog, writing:

The dog rescued from the dump this morning has passed away despite the doctors best efforts. Please anyone who knows who the person is responsible for this contact us.

A day later, the authorities said that a tip led them to Aniceto’s home, where they discovered another ailing dog:

Investigation revealed that Aniceto took the dog to the dump and abandoned her.
During the arrest Deputies discovered another dog belonging to Aniceto. This dog was in bad shape and suffering some sort of unknown medical issue.

The ailing dog was rushed to an emergency veterinarian but could not be saved. The veterinary team determined that the dog had been poisoned with anti-freeze. The police stated that Aniceto is facing two felony animal cruelty charges as a result of his actions.

(Images via Nye County Sheriff’s Office)


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  1. someone should take a gallon of anti freeze and pour it down this piece of shits throat. make sure there isn’t a drop left and sit back and watch him convulse and feel the pain those poor innocent pups felt. what a lowlife!



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