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Ed Sheeran Is Met With A Tough Crowd At Cat Cafe

Who wouldn’t love an intimate concert with music superstar, Ed Sheeran? Cats – cats are apparently not impressed by Sheeran’s vocal talent. The singer-songwriter recently visited a cat cafe in Japan and he was met with a decidedly tough crowd who clearly wanted to be left alone.

Sheeran posted a video of the interaction to Instagram, explaining that he wanted to “win over” the same cats that ran away from him in 2014. Sadly, he was not successful – 10 years later and the cats still ran as soon as he started to sing.

One cat appeared to be judging the musician.

But a brave gray cat was so intent on the meal that Sheeran’s song had no impact. The cat’s bravery gave Sheeran a good laugh.

Props to Sheeran for his attempt to deliver a purrr-fect cat concert.

Watch the adorable video here.


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