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Dying Dog And Malnourished Canine Friend Abandoned: Officials Seek Owner Information

Richmond, VA – Earlier this week, officers with Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) picked up two badly neglected dogs who were abandoned near Phillip Morris.

One of the dogs was malnourished and the other was clearly ailing with suspected heart failure. The agency expressed anger and frustration, writing:

RACC Officers just picked up these two abandoned dogs near the entrance of Phillip Morris (see map pic). 🤬 The sweet pitty girl has a huge belly and lungs filled with fluid (see X-ray pic), most likely from heart failure. We can’t save her. 🤬 Our team at VVC is hugging her close and euthanizing her as we type this. 💔 We are out of swear words that could possibly define this situation. What the ACTUAL %#%^%#%^<. 🤬🤬

The animal welfare agency has stated that they want to find whoever is responsible for the cruel incident:

We would love to find the person(s) responsible for leaving a dying dog (and her sidekick skinny shepherd) to fend for themselves. If you recognize these dogs, or were in that area last night or early this am and saw something, please contact RACC.

Anyone with information is encouraged to reach out Via Facebook, Instagram @racc_shelter, or email

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The animal welfare agency had one final request…a prayer for the dog who was failed by her owner and who died in the arms of a stranger.

RACC said:

 💔 There is NO excuse for this.

It is almost impossible to comprehend how someone can fail loving and devoted animals in such a glaringly cruel manner. As RACC said, there is simply NO EXCUSE.

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  1. some people should not be wasting precious oxygen by being allowed to breathe. what kind of lowlife does this. i hope this dogs previous owner suffers the same end as this poor dog but with a twist. i hope they are all alone when they suffocate on their own fluids and die.



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