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Dogfighting Survivor Paints Masterpieces While Waiting To Be Adopted From Rescue

Brookfield, CT – A dog who survived life in a North Carolina dogfighting ring is searching for his forever family. His name is Van Gogh (named for the famous, albeit emotionally tortured artist who severed his own ear) and like his namesake, he is an artist. Instead of using a brush, this four-legged painter uses his tongue to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art (the canvas with paint is covered by a plastic bag that has some enticing peanut butter on the outside).



When you have a one-eared dog named Van Goh in your animal rescue, you put on an art gallery with pieces “painted” by the great artist himself! 🎨🐶 Van Goh is a super sweet 7-year-old, 70 lb. boxer mixes currently up for adoption in Brookfield, CT. 🐾 #rescue#adoptdontshop#adopt#dogsoftiktok#adoptme#dog#artistsoftiktok#art#artgallery

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Van Gogh recently had his very first art showing, but only two people showed up to view his gallery. The seven-year-old pooch is in the care of Happily Furever After Rescue and the group created a Facebook post about the disappointing turnout on October 25:

Van Gogh was so excited for his big art debut over the weekend…he was all decked out in his Starry Night bandana and waited patiently on the deck for his guests to arrive…but only two people showed. 😢 Van Gogh put many hours and a lot of love into creating such beautiful art and we worked so hard to make this a special event.
We know many of you were unable to attend but have expressed interest in buying one of Van Gogh’s pieces. Some of the art has sold but we will be sharing the remaining pieces later today if you’d like to purchase a canvas and support Van Gogh and Happily Furever After Rescue! Thank you! 🎨🐾

And that post led to BIG things for Van Gogh! Not only did several news agencies decide to write about the canine artist, but ALL of his artwork sold!

Now Van Gogh needs just one thing to make his life complete…a home of his own. You can learn more about Van Gogh at this link to Petfinder.

Find the rescue agency caring for Van Gogh on Facebook here.


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