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Dog Who Roamed Mobile Area For Nearly A Year With Box On Head Is Safe

Mobile, AL – A dog who roamed around Mobile, Alabama, for months with a box on his head is finally safe. According to the City of Mobile Animal Services, the Cane Corso was caught over the weekend and taken to the shelter facility on a stray hold.

Bear had the cumbersome box on his head for months – nobody could trap him because the box was too large, and he could not be tranquilized because officials could not safely determine the appropriate dosage.

Before Bear was captured, someone got close enough to get the box off of his head, but they were not able to contain him.

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  1. It Happens to Wild Animals All The Time. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Any Animals That Have Their Head Stuck in Jars, Boxes, Anything That is Wrapped Around Their Body, Legs, Neck or Face.. I saved a cute little Skunk not long ago with a Peanut Butter Jar stuck on his head. Clean out Jars Properly and Either put the LID On Super Tight or Cut the Plastic Jar in Half with Cutters and Dispose of it in Recycle. Always Close Recycle Bins so Animals Don’t Get Inside them.



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