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Dog Was Removed From Neglectful Owner: Over 3 Years Later She Still Waits For A Home

Pennellville, NY – Over three years ago, a dog named Sandy was taken in by the Babylon Animal Shelter after being picked up as a stray. The young dog had been living with a neglectful owner – another dog was found in the yard, tethered outdoors in the sweltering August heat with no food or water.

Sandy was not returned to her owner and today, more than three years later, she still waits for someone to give her a chance to be their companion.

Sandy spent years in her lonely shelter kennel before being taken under the wing of Rebound Hounds. The rescue group is doing its utmost to help Sandy find a real, forever home.

On Monday, a rescue representative reached out to National Animal News, writing:

We finally found a training program K9 soul and in January of 2023 raised the funds and she went into foster with one of their trainers in upstate NY. She has absolutely flourished with him. She lives with 2 other dogs currently and has learned to trust. She is now patiently waiting for her forever home. Maybe you could help find that for her.

May be an image of dog

Sandy has her own Facebook page, and now she needs her own family. Please share her adoption information to help her find a home! The people who know her say that she loves to go for hikes and walks.

They write:

Sandy is super smart, fun, sassy, sweet and affectionate! She is also a charmer … and did we mention cute! Sandy LOVES to play outside. She LOVES LOVES LOVES to swim! She LOVES to explore. She LOVES her walks and is great on leash. And … she LOVES her humans (even if she does take a moment or two to warm up.)

No photo description available.

Sandy has waited long enough – please help make her dream of being someone’s best friend a reality.

Petfinder link here.

Have questions? Interested in a visit? Please contact

Note: Please contact the shelter directly for all inquiries about this dog. Animal Victory has no affiliation with this shelter or this dog.

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  1. Please adopt Sandy she’s so beautiful🙏🏻💔🐾is that city abandoned just wondering why someone can’t open there heart to give this precious girl a loving home 🙏🏻🐾

  2. You have to wonder whatever happened to the other dog stuck in that “person’s care.” I sure hope Sandy gets her deserved life with wonderful, responsible, loving, smart people. The other dog too! All dogs/animals everywhere stuck in “human civilization,” for that matter, including “food” animals.

  3. At least this precious dog is safe now….make sure that she is not going to the same kind of evil people again!



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