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Dog Tied To A Pole, Abandoned With A Note In 25-Degree Weather

Cranford, NJ – Police in Cranford are hoping to find the person who tied a dog to a pole, abandoning him in freezing, 25-degree weather. The Cranford Police Department said that the dog was discovered tied to a pole on Lexington Avenue near Unami Park.

Abandoned dog left tied to pole in freezing temperatures.

The person who left him wrote a note on a piece of cardboard that reads, “Name: Zeus, Not Rabid, No Biting, Need a home.”

Comments on the police department’s Facebook post range from anger over someone leaving this dog in frigid conditions, to compassion that someone left information with Zeus with the hope that he would find a home and get the help that he needs.

Where do you stand? Was this an act of desperation by someone or do you believe it is cruelty, regardless of the situation?

Information needed

If you know the owner, or have any information on this dog at all, please contact the Cranford Police Department at 908-272-2222 and ask for D/Lt. Durkin. Anonymous tips are welcomed on the CPD app or via NIXLE.

Zeus has been taken to an animal shelter for safe keeping until the investigation is complete. He will be made available for adoption at a later date.

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  1. I’m replying after scrolling through some good and sadly some bad. I don’t understand mankind’s depravity towards God’s creatures He gifted us. An animal abuser is capable of any other heinous crime. One notch below a pedophile.

  2. Mixed thoughts. The person who did this was trying to do right by the dog. We don’t know why the person didn’t surrender Zeus to a shelter. This article doesn’t present enough information, the circumstances of the person who did this. Can’t treat this as a simple abandonment without knowing the details.

  3. Knowing how freaking impossible it is to find a proper home for ANY homeless dog other than a cute purebred pricey puppy, I can see how someone might do this out of desperation. BUT, they didn’t care what sort of person might pick up this dog and do horrible things to him, like caging, forcing to fight, being a “bait” dog, whatever, and leaving him in near freezing weather! Definitely extreme cruelty not of the sadistic variety. Zeus looks so sweet and innocent. I’ll say again that people make me sick.

    • Agree. There are some really depraved and perverted animal abusers out there. Reference Adam Britton in Australia. It is an horrific story if you google. Is in remand but has avoided sentencing for 2 years. Legal eagles (read vultures) trying to get him off on psychiatric grounds. What a joke!!

  4. What about looking at cameras in the area?? There are cameras EVERYWHERE!!! Maybe someone should leave the POS that left this poor furbaby out in freezing temperatures out in the freezing cold. Let them feel what it is like to be deserted AND in the cold. People make me sick!!! They are the animals. Not the four-legged ones. Society is going to hell in a bushel basket. There is no excuse for leaving a furbaby in the freezing cold!! NONE!!!

  5. Whoever did this should have surrendered the poor baby to a shelter and not tied him up to a pole in the freezing weather. I’m so glad he was found in time.

    • But if NYCACC get ahold of him like any other abandoned dog – kill happy psycho vet tech Robin Brennan will dope the dog to “calm it down” – Reisa Weinstock will profit off of this dogs killing. On average, they kill 30 healthy adoptable down on their luck abandoned owner surrender dogs each month an pay $360K a. year for cremation services. There is no outreach person to manage rescue, so kind hearted volunteers and bloggers try to get these puppies recognized on facebook, twitter, etc…. Michelle Hinchey Donna Lupardo Kathy Hochel do not pass Sara – which is bill that could help save these dogs. I would do anything other than bringing them to NYCACC or surrounding “shelters” that are nothing more than death traps – unfortunately. So Sad.



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