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Dog Suffers Horrible Injuries From Being Dragged Behind Car

Update 10/24/2023: The rescue organization updated Facebook followers about Charlie’s condition on Tuesday morning. Unfortunately, his injuries are extraordinarily painful. They explain:

The veterinarian has explained that despite their efforts, the pain he is experiencing remains extremely intense. As a result, they have advised that he will need to be sedated for a period of at least 3 days to begin the healing process for his wounds. Furthermore, they have informed us that Charlie will require an additional 2 weeks of hospitalization at the least

Magnolia, TX – A dog named Charlie suffered horrible injuries after he was tethered to a car and then dragged for blocks behind the moving vehicle. According to D&A Animal Rescue, eyewitnesses explain that Charlie was tethered to a car’s bumper overnight for “protection,” and in the morning, his owner got in the car and drove away, forgetting the dog who was still attached to the vehicle.

The rescue group said:

Incredibly, this brave pup tried to keep up with the car for as long as he could. It wasn’t until another vehicle intercepted the negligent owners just as they were about to enter the freeway that they finally stopped. The people untied the dog, admitting that they had forgotten he was even there, before callously leaving the scene.

Charlie’s owners did not rush him to a veterinarian – they left him on the road. When the rescue agency arrived, he was lying in the bushes, clearly in agony from his numerous, severe injuries.

Charlie has been admitted to the Neighborhood Veterinary Clinic and he is receiving care from Dr. Hanson. According to the rescue agency, his wounds are infected and he is in considerable pain. The veterinary team is doing their utmost to keep him comfortable.

Charlie’s recovery will be long and involved. If you are interested in helping the rescue group pay for his ongoing care, you can make a donation in a variety of ways:

Cash app DenisseADavila
Find the rescue agency on Facebook at this link.

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  1. Get a petition started. Remove this poor dog from their home. No more pets for them. No more tying a pet to a vehicle for protection. He is suffering due to them
    They are undeserving to have a pet.

  2. Why are veterinarians never charitable, charging thousands and thousands of dollars to help these devastated animals? Poor Charlie; those “people” who dragged him were either braindead druggies or they did that deliberately. I pray that Charlie is healed and has a wonderful life from now on.



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