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Dog Saved From Neglectful Owner, Who Is Charged With Animal Cruelty

Amityville, NY – A dog is getting his second chance after being rescued from a neglectful owner who is facing an animal cruelty charge. According to the Suffolk County SPCA, Naheem A. Scafe, 31, of Amityville was arrested on May 11 following an investigation into the neglect of a dog named Dollar.

The animal welfare agency describes the dismal condition Dollar was in when animal control officers were called out to a residence on Great Neck Road:

(he was) covered in dirt, urine, and filth. Dollar had sores on his tongue, urine scalding to his scrotum, and inflammation and swelling to his legs due to neglected hygiene.

Scafe was charged with one count of Misdemeanor Animal Cruelty, and he is due to appear in First District Court on May 31, 2023.

(Image of Dollar via Suffolk County SPCA)

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  1. If you don’t LOVE dogs, keep them out of your so-called life! Poor little guy’s face breaks my heart. I of course hope “Dollar” isn’t given back to that person and that he gets his proper home surrounded by love…secure, well cared for and safe.

  2. Heartbreaking that so many people get an Animal like this sweet Boy, who has suffered just trying to survive. The owner should be held accountable for his abuse. This is outright criminal. I hope this dog ends up in a home where he will be loved and nurtured.

  3. Dollar deserves medical treatment and then permanently removed from the neglectful poor excuse of a human . he needs to be punished and no slap on hand he needs a lifetime ban of owning living with working with any animals and he needs to make restitution for all and i mean all medical costs and rehabilitation and all costs for the investigation and all court and attorney fees never let another animal become his victim again we need to stop allowing animals to be repeatedly harmed by very bad people period

  4. I would love to be able to put the gear of Jesus on these abusers,… In addition to fines, jail time and, banned from owning an animal permanently.

  5. I feel horrible I don’t live very far from where this poor dog lives or lived I should say, barely lived and a piece of garbage the piece of crap that did this to the dog does not deserve to be in society. I’m a social worker these actions are indicative of a sociopath and a serial killer. They always start with animals and wind up brutalizing, harming or murdering or all the above people I say throw them in the pit shut the door, melt the key.

  6. Only a cruel, utterly heartless individual would allow such suffering. Maximum punishment and a lifetime ban on animal ownership, please!

  7. This dog is beautiful, and for someone to treat this animal this way, is a lazy good for nothing scoundrel IDIOT!!! And I couldn’t think of enough names to give him!! I suppose that the court will just fine him, but I hope the judge pays attention!! WE need to start a drive for the court system to recognize and give these bums the limit of the law!! I can tell you that in a year or two the courts would be wanting something to do if this would happen!! But the best way besides telling this scum that he can no longer have a dog, come near a dog or be in the company of a dog, is to give this man the SAME TREATMENT he gave the dog!! Then give him 5 yrs. in prison in SOLITAIRE!!!!!!!!

  8. People that mistreat or abuse animals should suffer the same treatment that they subjected the animal to.



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