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Dog Honked For Help After Being Locked In Hot Car For 3 Hours, Watching Another Dog Die

Indianapolis, IN – A German shepherd figured out how to honk the horn of a car after being locked inside for an estimated three hours in the heat. As reported by WISH TV, another dog, who was tethered to the floorboard with a weight, did not survive.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers responded to the Intown Suites Hotel after the manager heard the vehicle’s horn and discovered two dogs and a cat inside of a parked Chevrolet sedan.

The owners of the animals, 53-year-old Charles Thomas and 74-year-old Norma Light, were arrested and booked into the Marion County jail on multiple charges, including felony animal cruelty and misdemeanor animal cruelty.

The German shepherd, Abby, was adopted by Public Safety Officer S. Poe. The cat survived but it is unclear if the feline has been adopted yet or not.

The dog who died was a pit bull named Masus. Rest in peace.

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  1. What should happen is this:: take these IDIOTS outside and leave them in a car with the same degrees, shut up, no windows down, for 3 hours and see if they aren’t yelling!! Lets see if that is a good punishment!! And for the death of the dog, put them both in jail for 20 yrs. to be served every day, $500,000 fine, and cannot have any animal near, where you can see them, or in their house or others house, for the rest of their lives!!! PEOPLE have got to wake up and see that a dog is not just a dog, it is a living, breathing pet with a SOUL!! Dogs have a SOUL just like humans!!

  2. Stupid people went to hotel room leaving 3 animals to their own devices. Poor decision. They should be punished for being so cruel.

  3. they weighted down the other dog to the floor. someone should put a weight around each of their necks and throw them in a lake. thank god the dog was able to save himself with the other unfortunately dying a horrendous death.

  4. What a smart dog! I’m glad the animals were discovered. So sad the poor pittie died. These two brain dead idiots should have to sit in a hot car until they expire!!

    • AGREED. This situation sounds 100 percent intentional. Who packs all their animals in a car in severe heat and leaves them for that long? I’ll tell you who – humans intentionally trying to kill their animals! May they BURN slowly in hell. Let thy punishment fit the crime.


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