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Distance Can’t Stop Sweet Canine Best Friends From Loving Each Other

Two dogs have been able to maintain their long-distance “romance” thanks to modern technology. The dogs, Rollo and Sadie, fell in love when they lived near each other in Edmonton, Canada.

Sadie’s owner, Kayla, tells CNN that her dog was never much of a fan of other dogs before meeting Rollo. But Sadie’s reaction to Rollo was instantaneous…like meeting “the love of her life,” says Kayla.

Sadly, the friends were separated when Rollo’s owner, Caitlin, moved three hours away for a job. Fortunately, Kayla and Caitlin are committed to keeping their dogs’ love for each other alive and they have weekly video calls with each other. The dogs’ reaction to seeing one another is adorable.

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When the dogs get to see each other in person, the reaction is equally heartwarming. According to their owners, someday they might live by each other again…in the meantime, they will keep enjoying video calls to keep their love alive.

Follow the pair on TikTok here.

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