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Devoted Dogs Helped Save Elderly Owner Who Collapsed During Walk

A pair of devoted dogs are being hailed heroes for their efforts to help their elderly owner, who collapsed during a walk in England’s northwest Lake District last weekend. The dogs’ efforts were recognized by the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team, who recounted the situation to Instagram followers.

Yesterday a 71-year-old man was out on his own walking his dogs on Braithwaite How. A few minutes after passing another walker he had an apparent seizure, collapsed and became unconscious.

According to the post, the black Labrador retriever immediately ran to the person who had just passed them and barked to get her attention. Fortunately, the woman understood that there was a problem and followed the dog back to the man who had fallen.

When the woman got to the fallen man, she could see that his other dog, a golden retriever, was also trying to help. The rescue team wrote:

She found the other dog, a golden retriever, lying by the unconscious man.

The good Samaritan called 999 for help and by the time a medical team arrived, the elderly man had regained consciousness and after being checked by a medic, he was able to walk to the ambulance which was waiting to take him to the hospital for further tests and treatment.

The rescue team commended the good Samaritan and dogs for helping:

Many thanks to the passing walker and the amazing dogs.

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