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Devastating Fire Kills 15 Therapy Horses In Lexington

Lexington, KY – On April 14, a devastating barn fire killed 15 therapy horses at a farm in Lexington. The blaze swept through a barn owned by Earl and Sandra Radcliffe Skarky at their Four Winds Farm Rescue near S. Yarnallton Pike; only one horse survived the deadly fire.

As reported by Lex 18 News, two people were also injured in the fire.

Sandra tells the news agency:

“These horses, I have a couple of them that were with me for over 20 years, so I am lost without them.”

On Sunday, the Fleet of Angels charity wrote of the horrific tragedy:

Imagine the horror of watching your barn burn down around your 15 beloved horses, all rescued and each promised a safe and happy life at the beautiful haven you created for them. That’s what happened to Sandra and Earl Skarky last night at their Four Winds Farm rescue in Lexington, Kentucky. Only one horse survived.

Friends of the Lexington Mounted Police announced the death of a retired police horse named Panzer, who perished in the blaze:

It is with extremely heavy hearts that we share the unexpected passing of retired police horse, Panzer. Panzer was a valued member of our Mounted Unit. He served the unit 16 years, from 1998 to 2014. He is recognized as our longest serving police horse in the Unit. Panzer retired to Four Winds Farm. He was later joined by other retired police horses from the Unit: Nomar (who passed away in 2020) and Remington (not to be confused with our Clydesdale currently serving the unit, but safe & still enjoying his golden years at Four Winds Farm).
In the early hours of Friday, April 14th (2023), Four Winds Farm experienced a horrific barn fire. They lost numerous horses, including Panzer. We offer our most sincere condolences to the Four Winds Farm community/family, especially to the owners of those horses who perished. We are grieving alongside you.
Thank you, Panzer, for your loyal service to the city of Lexington and thank you, Four Winds Farm, for giving our cherished boy a wonderful home all these years. With love and respect, rest in peace, Panzer.

May all who perished in the fire rest in peace.

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