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Devastated Owner Spreads Awareness After Dog Dies After Eating Food

North Carolina – A devastated owner is using social media to let others know what happened to her beloved dog, Izzy, who recently died from salmonella poisoning. Dauntless Animal Rescue shared the heartbreaking story on its Facebook page, explaining how the senior Maltese died after eating food believed to be contaminated.

The animal welfare agency writes:

Sweet Izzy got salmonella poisoning, which quickly turned into HGE, causing vomiting, and bloody diarrhea. Even with vet intervention, she passed away within 24 hours of showing symptoms. Please research, and know the symptoms, as this happened just a few months ago to another one of our adopters, feeding a similar food. The emergency vet is the place to go if your pet starts experiencing any symptoms of HGE.

On June 3, Izzy’s owner shared information about her dog’s sickness, writing:

It’s been a terribly sad day.
My newest baby, Izabella died of a bacterial infection, HGE ,that we’ve tracked back to Fresh Pet dog food that I’ve been feeding her.
The symptoms are a white/yellow foamy Vomit and bloody diarrhea, a drop in body temperature and then in Izzy’s case, seizures before I got her to the vet as they opened today. Sweet Izzy just was too tiny to fight and she stopped breathing and I wasn’t even there to hold her.
In her case, because of her tiny size, she was gone in less than 24 hours.


According to Izzy’s owner, the exact same thing happened to her neighbor’s dog Bella during the same timeframe – Bella was able to overcome the terrible sickness and survived.

Izzy’s owner thinks the contaminated food has been discovered. She writes, “We’ve tracked the source of the bacteria to 2 different bags of FRESH PET dog food I purchased at Wilmington Costco at the same time /same day ( 5/24/24) that seem to be containing salmonella. One bag we used, one bag my neighbors opened for Bella.
We are in the process of getting all this reported to the makers of Fresh Pet and the FDA, etc.”

Adding her request to let other pet owners know of the danger, “Please share this info to anyone and everyone you know that owns dogs. We’ve used this food for a long time with no problems but it’s not worth losing a pet over and having them suffer so terribly.”

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  1. you think you are feeding your dog a healthy food and stuff like this happens. it’s a shame there are not better safeguards to prevent this. some of these companies are great when they start out but as soon as they sell to a large corporation, game over. the cutbacks begin using crap ingredients to increase profit. my dog has eaten her food foe years and since being acquired by Mars Corp and the formula being changed she won’t touch it anymore. maybe they should keep making snickers and m&ms. RIP IZZY!

    • It very well could have been the fault of Costco. They leave pallets of refrigerated food sitting out while they putting it up. Sam’s does the same thing. I’ve seen refrigerated and frozen food sitting in the aisles and not a soul around to put it up I use Fresh Pet and have never had a problem. I believe the store left it sitting out too long before putting it up. Just my opinion.

  2. About 8 years ago, when the markets were promoting Fresh Pet food for dogs by keeping it in refrigerated cabinets with window doors near the checkout stand, I had run out of the ingredients I used to make food for my dogs, and so as I was buying those, I picked up some Fresh Pet as a one time stand-in untiI my homemade food was cooked.

    Two hours after eating the Fresh Pet, my German shepherd mix had grand maI seizures. Was it a coincidence? It had never happened before that, and never happened after.

  3. I was told that human food that is contaminated is reprocessed to be “safe” and used for pet food. Also some pet foods use 4 D meats from Dead, Dying, Deformed, Diseased . And they are now putting sugar and or high fructus corn syrup in dog treats and some foods. They don’t care about pets just money.



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