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Despondent Shepherd Sits Motionless After Being Returned To Shelter

Wintersville, OH – A gorgeous, young bi-color German shepherd named Ragnar is suffering from a broken heart after spending 80 days in an Ohio animal shelter and finally being adopted, and then winding up in a lonely kennel once again after his adopter returned him.

Being rejected at just a year of age has shattered Ragnar’s spirit. The Jefferson County Humane Society writes:

Finally adopted, his happiness was fleeting—he was brought back to the shelter and now faces day 26 of his return, his hope almost extinguished.
Ragnar used to leap up with boundless energy, desperately trying to catch the eye of anyone who walked by, craving the warmth of human touch.

Describing the depth of his depression:

Now, he sits motionless, staring at the wall, his eyes empty and distant. Kennel depression has taken hold of him, and his once-vibrant spirit is a shadow of its former self. The cold, damp floor is his constant companion, and his body bears the painful marks of his decline, with prominent kennel sores a testament to his suffering.

If you are familiar with German shepherds, you know that they are not just intelligent, faithful companions. They are also highly emotional and bond deeply to their people. Ragnar has lost the people he knew and loved and now he sits in a lonely kennel run, not understanding why he has been cast aside.

Please share Ragnar’s story and help him find a new, committed owner! Ragnar is said to be best as the only pet in the home.

Please call the shelter directly if you are interested or have any questions 📞 740-314-5583.

Note: All inquiries must be made directly to the shelter. Animal Victory is not the point of contact. Thank you!

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  1. another beautiful dog failed by a worthless human who thinks his adoption is a disposable event. when the novelty wears off just return him like an old car. Shepards are very smart and sensitive dogs. they sense when things are not right. this poor guys head must be spinning. i have not had a shephard in years, since i know i can’t devote the amount of time they need from me to be happy and healthy. their health and happiness is more important than my desire to have another. plus i have a current rescue who is smaller and would be no match for a full grown shephard. i pray they save him before he totally shuts down.

  2. You forgot to mention he has to be an only dog, that he is not good with other dogs. I have two and am looking for a third but I would never chance a dog like this. Blame his first owners who didn’t socialize him as a puppy.

    • totally understand. i love these dogs they are fierce and loyal friends who love their people. they can also be very scary and menacing if not trained properly. it’s not that they are hard to train but it requires time and repetition. they are very smart and learn fast but you have to be willing to take the time. it’s a shame he was not given that luxury but he can still flourish in a one dog home.



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