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Deranged Psychopath Gets Prison Time For Mutilating Cat In Front Of Disabled Roommate

Freehold, NJ – A man who has been referred to as a “psychopath,” has been sentenced to years in prison for cruelly mutilating and beheading a cat in front of his disabled roommate. According to the Asbury Park Press, this week 29-year-old Christopher Sanchez was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison by Judge Scott C. Arnette.

On December 5, Sanchez pleaded guilty to animal cruelty by unnecessarily or cruelly abusing an animal, resulting in death, and to simple assault on his roommate. The details of his crime are difficult to read.

Sanchez’s roommate described the horrific details, stating:

“He first performed surgery on its tongue before he killed it. He mutilated her tongue, and Lilith couldn’t move her eyes. It was sheer horror.” The woman, referred to as T.C., added:

“Christopher Sanchez is a monster. He is very malicious and he is a psychopath.”

The man told investigators that he wanted to keep his cat’s head as a trophy, and T.C. stated that Sanchez made her watch gory videos of animals being tortured and killed and told her that he “wanted to kill her so badly.”

T.C. believes that Sanchez has killed other animals, and that he will kill again. The judge permanently banned Sanchez from owning animals and issued a restraining order to keep him away from his former roommate.

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  1. It’s not enough. As they say in the South – “He needs killin’.”
    People like this are sick garbage and will always be sick garbage. This is why I am in favor of the death penalty. I just think it should be extended to people who kill animals as well as people who kill other people.
    In a world already overcrowded with too many humans, why keep shit like this?

  2. He should be given the death penalty. I’m sorry, this person is deranged and sick. He will do it again and has done it before. An absolutely vile, evil scum bag who isn’t even human. Makes me sick.

  3. Let’s cut out his tongue so that he can’t eat or drink, then cut off his balls, one at a time and shove them up his ass with baseball bat that has splinters. He’s not human so he should be treated the way a psychopath should be treated.



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