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Deeply Bonded Seniors Homeless After Death Of Owner – They Have Been Waiting 2 Years To Find A New Home

Trinity and Max lost their home when their owner died two years ago. They are still waiting to be loved.

Orange County, CA – Two senior dogs, 10 years of age, are in need of a new home because their owner passed away. Sadly, the deeply bonded duo, Trinity and Max, has been waiting for someone to choose them for two very long years.

The rescue organization caring for the bonded pair is hopeful that someone can offer Trinity and Max a home before they pass on. Maria, with the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, said:

GSROC was asked to help Max, but when we arrived, we learned that he was bonded with his little buddy. We couldn’t leave Trinity behind. They are each approximately 10 years old and Trinity is the boss—Max lovingly obliges.

She notes that they require little more than a quiet home and cozy beds. Though the dogs are seniors, they have no significant health issues – they just need each other, and a home where they can enjoy the final chapter of their lives.

Maria describes the pair’s deep bond:

When they were split up to go to the vet, neither one would eat until they were reunited and then it was all kisses and joy.

Will you please help Trinity and Max find a home where they can live together? A home without kids is required – they just need somewhere safe and quiet to spend the rest of their days.

Bonded duo, Trinity and Max
Bonded duo, Max and Trinity

Find German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County here.

Adoption profile at rescue’s website here.

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  1. I sure hope those two angels get to live out their golden years in a great and loving home. I only wish it could be with me, but I and my family already have 4 rescue dogs. Please God, let these two wonderful dogs find their perfect people!

  2. It’s much better to keep these two precious dogs at a safe shelter than to give them to evil psychopaths!!! There are so many cruel sadists in this sickening country!!! It worries me a lot that shelters make so many mistakes!!! Every day we read horrible stories about shelter dogs that end in the homes of barbaric devils…..

  3. I live on five acres all fenced in. We own the property. I cannot get to California or I would go to get them. I am only interested in older dogs as I am getting on in years and I do not want to die and leave pets behind.

  4. Have you found a loving home for them yet? I hope so, I hope they are at least happy to be with each other, even if it is at the shelter for now.



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