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Daring Goat Reunited With Family After Fulfilling ‘Big Dream’ Of Scaling A Bridge

Kansas City, Missouri – A daring goat with a “big dream” of scaling a tall bridge has survived his frightening escapade and he is being reunited with his long-lost family. The goat with a penchant for danger and skills like Spider Man managed to climb 80 feet up the structure before hitting the “uh-oh” point.

KC Pet Project recounts the life-or-death rescue mission, writing:

Let’s just say, it was a rescue mission worthy of an action movie. Jeffrey pulled a stunt that had our hearts in our throats when he missed a platform jump, got all tangled up in some rope and took a tumble. But fear not, our hero was swiftly freed by the fire department and sedated by Chief of Veterinary Medicine. With help from his friends on our Animal Services team, Jeffrey was carried to safety and transported to our veterinary clinic, where he received the VIP treatment: x-rays, fluids, the whole shebang. And just like that, our goat was back on his hooves, ready to conquer the world once more with thanks to our team members who all stayed late last night to help him.

According to KC Pet Project, “Jeffrey’s” real name is Chug and his family has been searching for him since February! The organization explains:

His original family, who lovingly raised him on their farm an hour and a half away from Kansas City, have been searching high and low for their beloved Chug ever since he disappeared back in February.
Imagine their sheer delight when they spotted their long-lost friend perched precariously on that bridge! With hearts pounding and joy overflowing, they reached out to our team, and today, their patience and perseverance have paid off in the sweetest way possible.

Adding, “We’re thrilled to announce that Chug is now en route to his rightful home, reunited at last with his people family and his original goat family! Let’s raise a glass (or a bale of hay) to this heartwarming reunion and wish Chug a future filled with endless adventures and boundless love!”

Be good Chug!

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