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‘Crunchy, Old, Grumpy Dog’ Finds The Best Home

A crunchy, grumpy old dog had few attributes to lure a potential adopter.

Philadelphia, PA – A “crunchy, old, grumpy” dog has found the best home, despite the odds stacked against him. Just a day ago, the Pennsylvania SPCA posted several photos of the 15-year-old dog, Gideon, writing of their hope that SOMEONE out there would open their heart and home to the grouchy old boy:

We know there is a home out there for this grumpy old man, please help us find it.

crusty, grumpy, senior dog found the best home
crusty, grumpy, senior dog found the best home

The shelter outlined Gideon’s less-than-desirable traits:

Gideon shows his age. He spends most of the day sleeping in one of his two beds. He is clearly blind in one clouded eye. He’s hairless. And, sadly he is lame in his left hind leg. He comes with the old man lumps and bumps too.
And, did we mention, he is grumpy?

Gideon wanted little more than a soft bed and a quiet room to nap in. He did not long for affection, in fact, he really just wanted to be left alone. There was not much in Gideon’s truthful biography that would lure an adopter in.

But miracles DO happen, and Gideon DID get a home. The shelter writes:

When you start to get worried about the state of the world, remember there are people who will take one look at a grumpy, crunchy, senior dog who doesn’t want to be touched and say – we’ve got this!

And, they’ll give him the best final chapter.

Miracles happen, and amazing people exist.

Enjoy the twilight of your life Gideon!

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  1. Pain is what causes their grumpy. If the pain is managed they get a little happier. Doesn’t look like he was loved much since they didn’t treat his skin condition which is probably ichy.


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