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Couple’s Cat Sneaks Into Amazon Box, Goes On 650 Mile Journey

Utah – On Wednesday, April 10, a cat named Galena snuck into a box, unbeknownst to her owners. Boxes are usually a temptation for cats, but crawling into them does not typically result in wild adventures that take them hundreds of miles from home.

Galena’s owner, Carrie Clark, recounted her cat’s crazy journey on Facebook, explaining how the cat’s disappearance prompted a frantic search, complete with fliers and “plastered” social media posts. She writes, “Nothing made any sense!! I was beyond devastated! Galena is a huge emotional support to me. My family knows “she’s my kitty.” She’s helped me get through really tough stuff in life. I couldn’t imagine living life without her.”

The mystery of Galena’s disappearance was solved on April 17 when Carrie got a call from a veterinarian in California who said that the cat was there, and they had scanned her microchip. Galena’s owner explains:

She had jumped/hidden in one of our Amazon return packages without us knowing. She was mailed to a return center in California and trapped in a box and trailer for 6 days 😭😭😭

She thanked the Amazon employee who found and rescued Galena:

An Amazon worker Brandy Hunter ❤️ rescued her and took her to a vet where they scanned the microchip and notified me. Without the microchip, and the kindness of Brandy, we never would have found her again!!

Amazingly, Galena suffered nothing more than weight loss from her days long ordeal. Carrie and her husband traveled 1400 miles in 24 hours to pick up their beloved cat and get her home where she belongs.

Carrie expressed awe over the miracles that kept her cat safe when so many things could have gone wrong:

We’re in awe of all the little and big miracles that have taken place!! The side seam of her box split open so she could breathe, the weather was ideal temperatures, she was sent to Brandy’s Amazon facility who knows all about cats and knew exactly how to help her, traveling to and from CA went perfectly, and many more I’m sure I’m unaware of!

Welcome home Galena!!

(Images via Carrie Clark Facebook page)

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