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Couple Desperate To Find Dog Who Disappeared While In The Care Of Rover Pet Sitter

A seven-year-old dog named Argo disappeared while in the care of a pet sitter.

Houston, Texas – A Texas couple is desperate to find their dog, who vanished while in the care of a Rover pet sitter. As reported by Fox 26 News, on June 1 Fabiana and Andrea left their seven-year-old German shepherd, Argo, with a Rover pet sitter while they traveled internationally after getting married.

Dog lost while in the care of a Rover pet sitter
Dog lost while in the care of a Rover pet sitter

When they returned, they had a voicemail message from the man who was caring for Argo; the pet sitter said that Argo jumped through a window and escaped. Fabiana tells the news agency what the man told them.

“He woke up that morning, went downstairs, and found a broken window,”

The couple went to the pet sitter’s home, searching for answers, but they claim the man has “ghosted them,” since Argo vanished. is offering a $500 reward for the dog’s safe return, and the company has been sending alerts and paying for lost dog flyers.

People have shared the story on social media, hoping that someone will recognize Argo and help get him back to his worried owners.

Dog disappeared while in the care of a pet sitter
Dog disappeared while in the care of a pet sitter

The couple has called area shelters and veterinary clinics, but their efforts have been fruitless. Argo requires medication for epilepsy – without his medicine he will have seizures.

If you have spotted Argo, or if you have any information about his whereabouts, please call (979) 739-6573.

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  1. Don’t use any onsite animal sitting services – I have read about many instances like this – they are not dependable

  2. Extremely sad omg being a pet sitter this breaks my heart 💔the love and passion I have for furry friends 😭🩵🐾

  3. Why someone would trust a stranger from a online site to watch their ‘baby’ is beyond stupid. And really, the dog broke through a window to escape….seems far fetched. What is more likely is that the pet sitter sold the dog or give him away to someone he knows. The man should be interrogated by police. The couple needs to sue the pet sitter directly for losing the dog. I bet the dog would materialize suddenly so he doesn’t have to pay for a cost judgement. That would be the best way to get the dog back. The other option is for the couple to camp outside the pet sitters home with large signs and let all the neighbors know what a scam bag the guy is. Maybe embarrassment would yield some results.

  4. You’ll be surprised how far they can go. You need to look into the Rescues that outsource the dogs.. if it was picked up, might have been brought to a kill shelter, then rescued by a non-profit GSD.. then adopted out in a whole different state.
    I have seen this happy so many times

  5. Keep an eye on the pounds, even those that seem too far out!! Keep a call out to them each week!! Call the shelters in the area and go out a bit too, the dog can travel far!! He is probably confused not being able to find you!! Talk to everyone you can talk to, ask them about the dog if they have seen him, look everywhere even in dense areas, around houses too!! Put up t-shirts with your fresh scent on them in trees, when the wind blows it blows the scent!! Put 10 articles with your fresh scent on them in the car, drag it down the driveway, drag it next to the curb to where he went missing, drag it next to the curb 10 miles, turn and do the same thing on the other side!! If there are other roads he could have gotten onto, do the same thing on each of those roads and always go back home!!!!! I do hope you find him!!



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