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Couple Adopts Dog Who Was Passed By Because Of Medical Issues

Tampa Bay, FL – In a world overflowing with unwanted pets, it is tough for the dogs and cats who have medical issues to find a home. Nick, who was held at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, is one of the dogs who found himself overlooked by potential adopters.

According to the shelter, Nick is heartworm positive, has cherry eye, and dental problems. His “issues” left him lacking in adoption interest. Until a couple saw him and fell for his sweet personality and good looks.

The shelter writes:

What others did not want, Axel and Rachel Marie loved! They came in with the sole purpose of adopting Nick and giving him the home he deserves. Axel has experience with heartworm-positive dogs so he was ready for the challenge!
Nick showed his personality with kisses for all snuggles and even playful nibbles of affection, just a happy dog ready to start his forever ❤ If ever there was a happy story Nick YOU ARE IT!

Everything worked out as it was supposed to…the people who passed by Nick were just saving him for the couple who could see what a special boy he is.

Enjoy your new life Nick!

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  1. Very happy to see that Nick is going to have a great life now. So much doom and gloom surrounding Animal Care Centres these days, this is such a feelgood story thanks to this compassionate couple.

  2. Animals are just like humans, sometimes they have a few problems that can be ironed out!! The heart worms can be ironed out if given the medication!! Dental problems can be solved!! Cherry eye, if treated, can become gone!! Its that easy!! ANYONE that adopts a dog and doesn’t expect Vet Bills, does not deserve a pet!!!!!!!

  3. I wish you a wonderful and happy life with your new addition to the family. Nick will embrace you with love and you will be rewarded 10 times over. Rescue dogs are so special.



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