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Country Music Superstar Carrie Underwood Adopts Rescue Puppy While On Tour

Charlotte, North Carolina – Country music superstar Carrie Underwood added a new four-legged friend to her family while on her “Denim and Rhinestones Tour.” Earlier this week, Underwood posted a photo of her new friend, Charlotte, to Instagram, writing:

Meet Charlotte “Charlie” Nilla Fisher…newest member of the family! I met her in Charlotte when the lovely people at @pincdogrescue brought some puppies to the venue to make us all smile. We had been looking for the right pup for our family for a while and she seemed just too good to be true!

Thanking the rescue group that Charlotte was adopted from:

Thank you, Pawsitive Impact NC Dog Rescue for all the incredible work you do and thanks for bringing this sweet girl into our lives!

The rescue agency was over the moon for young Charlotte and grateful to Carrie Underwood for taking the puppy in.

Congratulations Charlotte! Enjoy your fabulous new life.

You can follow Pawsitive Impact NC Dog Rescue on Facebook at this link.

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  1. At the risk of sounding like a “negative Nancy”: Though that is good that Carrie adopted a cute little puppy, it does not make up for her killing many animals as a life long HUNTER! Deer, moose, rabbits, quail and a host of other wildlife have just as much right to live as a puppy!! She and ex, Blake Shelton, were both people who enjoyed hunting for SPORT! Ugh..


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