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Comical Biography Leads To Adoption Of Fluffy Rabbit With ‘Fiery Rage’

When a Massachusetts animal shelter took in a rabbit with a less-than-amicable personality, they knew they would have a tough time finding him his perfect home. In an effort to promote the grumpy bunny in a truthful manner, the Dakin Humane Society opted to pen a comical description for their social media followers.

On November 30, the animal welfare agency posted a photo of the fluffy white rabbit, named Cannoli, and proceeded to outline his questionable demeanor:

We know he is adorable, but beneath his fluffy cloud-like exterior lies a menace. Cannoli is an insatiable four-pound monster who hates most things, except for dried fruit treats. He can and will gaslight you for them.

Offering some firsthand insight from shelter staff who has interacted with the temperamental bunny:

“He only grabbed the comb from my hand and whipped it away twice today!” and, “I still get chills when we make eye contact, but he’s growing on me!” And the latest, “Cannoli reminds me of my high school bully.”

With a descriptive sentence to make someone’s blood run cold:

“He’s like one of those haunted dolls, but real.”

The shelter hoped to find someone familiar with moody rabbits, explaining:

Cannoli’s behavior probably sounds familiar to rabbit-savvy people. If that’s you, we hope you’re excited to welcome a walking, hopping attitude problem into your home so our animal caregivers don’t have to flip coins to see who’s on Cannoli Duty. We love him very much, but he is filled with the fire of a thousand suns and we want to find him the rabbit-savvy human who can support his grumpy-bun lifestyle.

Finding good homes for all of the animals who are patiently waiting is tough, especially when there are behavior issues at play. Fortunately for Cannoli, the shelter hit the nail on the head when they wrote his creative biography.

In short order, the agency let followers know that he had found a home:

UPDATE: Cannoli has found a human who is ready to take on his fiery rage. If you’re interested in adopting more mild mannered, not-at-all haunted rabbits and other small animals, please visit our website!

Find the Dakin Humane Society’s website here.

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