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City In Oklahoma Passes Wonderful New Tethering Law

The city of Guthrie, Oklahoma, has announced a new tethering law that will help dogs avoid unnecessary suffering and potential death. The Guthrie Police Department made the announcement on Wednesday, alerting residents to the new rules. The new law will take effect on July 16, 2021. The department writes:

Tethering means that an animal is tied with a rope, chain or other device so as to restrict the animal’s movement.
It will be unlawful to tether any dog or cat unless it is constantly supervised by supervised by an adult responsible for the animal. A city Animal Control Officer may grant exceptions.

Outlining a dog owner’s responsibilities:

Exceptions do not absolve the responsible adult of certain responsibilities, such as: preventing the animal from being tethered during weather that may threaten the health or well-being on the animal; ensuring the tether is attached to a harness or collar; ensuring the tether is of adequate length so as to provide the animal with access to water, shelter and a reasonable exercise area; ensuring the tether is not subject to entanglement with other objects that in any manner which may cause injury or be of clear discomfort; and, ensuring that the weight of the tether is not an undue burden to the animal.

According to the police, chains and prong collars are not to be used for tethering. The department adds:

Tethering of an unsupervised animal any time the temperature is not between 35 and 85 degrees is prohibited.

Great job Guthrie!!

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