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Child Helps Save Giant Pacific Octopus Stranded On The Beach

Mount Vernon, WA – On March 15, a Giant Pacific octopus found itself stranded on the beach in Skagit County. As reported by King 5 News, the octopus survived thanks to the efforts of a child who used a bucket to keep the cephalopod wet.

Annie England with the Padilla Bay Reserve explained the importance of water to the news agency:

“It can’t survive out of water for more than several minutes, it collapses their gills,”

Explaining how the little girl and her family worked to save the octopus’ life:

“She was taking water with her little sand bucket, and she was filling it up and she was pouring it on top of the octopus.”

The rescuers were able to get the octopus into a bin and drag it back into the water; the mission was considered to be a success.

If someone encounters a stranded octopus, they should contact an organization for help, rather than try to move it themselves. Keeping the octopus wet until help arrives can mean the difference between life and death.

(Images via screenshot from King 5 video)

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