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Child Drops Sippy Cup Into Zoo Enclosure And Crowd Watches Orangutan’s Reaction With Awe

Los Angeles, CA – In February, a woman took her baby to the Los Angeles Zoo and her child tossed a sippy cup into an enclosure when she wasn’t looking. What happened next stunned onlookers and revealed how smart orangutans are!

The cup, filled with apple juice, landed in a pond next to the orangutan enclosure. Right away, two primates went to investigate.

One of the orangutans fashions a tool out of a long piece of brown paper and puts her arm through the fencing, using the paper to create a current in the water to pull the cup near her. Her clever idea works perfectly and the cup is soon within reach.

The stunned crowd bursts into applause when she picks it up and takes a sip.


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As reported by Yahoo News,it was CaShawna Wright’s year-old son, Cruse, who lost his cup. She managed to capture what happened next on her phone and then posted the video to TikTok where it has amassed over 20 million views and nearly 25,000 comments.

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  1. The parents should have stopped the child from doing this. And policy in all of these venues should prohibit this from ever happening, for the animals’ sake but also for the kid’s safety. Whatever entertainment value may be derived by the ignorant does not justify the action.

  2. I am getting the feeling these poor creaturs are actually prisoners at the zoo. Why is the water behind a chainlinked fence? How sad that humans have encroached so much on all of these amazing primates to have made normal life almost impossible for them.



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