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Celebrate! Dog Held For A Year At Shelter Finally Adopted

Seminole County, FL – There is reason to celebrate at the Seminole County Animal Services Facility. A dog named Sophie was FINALLY adopted after spending a year at the facility.

Sophie’s sad plight went viral after the shelter posted a video of her in her kennel run at the shelter. The text accompanying the video read:

ONE YEAR: Sophie has nearly been at Seminole County Animal Services for one year. A whole year in a kennel. At 7 years old she is constantly overlooked in favor of other, younger dogs. But how can anyone look into her eyes and not fall in love?

Thousands of people watched Sophie’s video and hearts broke for her lonely existence. Fortunately, the viral nature of the video on social media led to Sophie’s adoption. The shelter’s Facebook page shared the joyous news:

PUPDATE 🐾: Sophie has found a home, thanks to this widely shared social post!

Networking saves lives and finds homeless pets loving families. Congratulations Sophie! Enjoy your new life!

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  1. Sophie is a gorgeous dog and I only hope there are people who follow up and check on these animals who get adopted just to make sure they are doing well. I realize it’s challenging but worthwhile.

  2. Way to go Sophie! Sorry you had to spend a year in a shelter! Thank You to Sophie’s new family! She is a beauty!😊❤️


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