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Cats Cradle, A Florida Sanctuary For Senior, Unadoptable Cats

Lutz, FL – A Florida couple has made it their life’s mission to care for unwanted, senior cats. Since 2015 Bruce and Terry Jenkins have been taking in and caring for older cats with nowhere to go.

The couple’s mission began when Terry visited her vet office and encountered a woman there to euthanize her deceased father’s cat, who had nowhere to go. That first feline intake led to the creation of the Cats Cradle Sanctuary – a haven for cats in the twilight of their life.

Cats lucky enough to live at the sanctuary enjoy safe outdoor areas with climbing structures, sleeping areas, and open-air bridges for lounging.

Cats living at the sanctuary are not just existing until they pass – they are enjoying a feline amusement park with people who ensure their every need is attended to.

The sanctuary relies on donations and sponsors. You can learn more about the hundreds of cats saved by the Jenkins at this link to the sanctuary’s website, or this link to their Facebook page. 

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