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Cat Winds Up At Shelter After Family Got A New Puppy

Poughkeepsie, NY – A gorgeous orange tabby named Max lived his life as a beloved companion until he was no longer wanted. According to the Hudson Valley Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, Max’s family got rid of him when they got a new puppy.

The heartbreaking post to social media garnered hundreds of comments and thousands of shares, with some people stating that they want to come to meet the cast-aside cat.

Max is described as “sweet and easy” but he is currently confused and sad. The rescue wants to find a home who will be committed to Max for the remainder of his life, stating, “Max is a cat, not a rubber ball. Max is a forever boy, not a for right now boy. He is willing to commit to YOU for life. Can YOU commit to him for life?”

Applications to adopt can be completed at the rescue group’s website. Please contact them directly with any questions.

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  1. people are such assholes. you can bet when the puppy is no longer a puppy he too will be down this road. some people shouldn’t be allowed to own a potted plant. i hope he gets the home he deserves.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. These people obviously do not understand what it is to bond with an animal or they would never have thrown their cat to the curb like this. These assholes should never have been allowed to “trade” their cat for a pup like it was a used car and I agree that somewhere down the road this pup will be”traded” for a newer model when they see something cuter. Hopefully Max finds a REAL owner who truly loves him.

    • I totally agree! Almost makes me wonder how many pet’s have they had before. Their name’s should be mentioned somewhere like the United States Humane Society so they cannot have anymore animals.



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