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Cat Who Vanished In 2021 From Alabama Home Found In Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV – A cat who vanished from her home in Birmingham, Alabama, in 2021 has been found in Nevada. The mischievous cat, Raven, belongs to Tracy Cost, who has searched high and low for her pet since the day she vanished. Cost tells 8 News Now, “I went out every day searching for her. I thought I was never going to find her again.”

Imagine her surprise when Elizabeth McGloin, the woman who found Raven in North Las Vegas, let her know that Raven was alive, albeit nearly 2,000 miles from home. The distance between Nevada and Alabama made the prospect of a reunion daunting. McGloin said, “She is scared and wants to go home, I just don’t have the funds to get her there,”

Fortunately, people who watched the 8 News Now broadcast reached out to a non-profit organization that transports cats cross country. Teresa Dechert, with Imagine Home, received nearly a dozen messages from people who saw the news segment and now the agency is coordinating Raven’s journey home.

Thanks to kind people who have made donations, Raven will get to fly home, rather than endure a lengthy journey on the road. Raven is expected to embark on her trek home in early March.

As to how the cat wound up in Nevada…there are suspicions that she crawled into the engine compartment of a vehicle and miraculously survived the long journey. It was her embedded microchip that allowed McGloin to find her true owner.

Safe travels home Raven!

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  1. Another happy ending due to the owners taking the time to get their cat microchipped. Wish more owners would do this – it’s a one time expense and not much at that, virtually painless and takes a few seconds to place under the skin. No excuses to not do it and can make the difference between heartbreak at losing a missing cat and having it returned to you.Small outlay for a big return.



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