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Cat Undergoes Surgery To Remove Screw From Her Paw

Tampa Bay, FL – A beautiful cat suffering with a painful screw embedded in her paw has been trapped and given veterinary care. According to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, the calico cat, dubbed Daisy, was captured by the shelter’s rescue team and taken into surgery to remove the rusty screw.

No photo description available.

Despite the tremendous pain Daisy was in, she maintained a sweet demeanor. The shelter writes:

Daisy was completely unable to use her front paw but that did not stop her from cuddling up into the team.

As soon as Daisy has recovered, she will be made available for adoption. Find the shelter’s Facebook page at this link.

Nobody knows how the screw became embedded in Daisy’s paw. There is speculation that she may have jumped on to something where the screw was protruding; hopefully it was not put there intentionally.

Get well soon Daisy!

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  1. I hope & pray that this kitty got this screw imbedded in his paw by accident…because it sure looks like it had to be put in place by a person.

  2. investigation should be done to ensure someone needs to be held accountable for this. very suspicious how a screw embedded in their foot 😒

  3. It looks like someone did that to her, with force, because a screw is not all that sharp to go through a lightweight animal’s paw without outside force. To hell immediately with whatever vile cretin did that!

  4. After reading horror story after horror story about the abuse, neglect, torture and killing of animals, my guess is that it was done by a human. There is no way that a screw could have gone through a paw like that. Someone needs to be held accountable for this! I pray that the poor baby is adopted into a loving forever home. Humans SHOULD BE held accountable for their actions against animals. Because it seems the law always lets the criminals off, these types of animal cases are becoming all too common. They should all rot in hell for eternity.

  5. Poor sweet baby, As we all hope and put our good intentions into hoping with all our hearts that this innocent beauty managed to get this wound on her own, sadly we know there is always that shadow of cruelty threatening our most helpless and trusting four legged Angels that have no defense against their monstrous counterparts known only as Humans without a SOUL 🥵



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