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Cat ‘Safe And Comfortable’ After Being Abandoned In Bag Left By Garbage

Albany, NY –  A cat is “safe and comfortable” after being cruelly abandoned by garbage cans in Albany, New York. According to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, the cat, dubbed Newt, was discovered on Friday.

The animal welfare agency updated the public about Newt’s discovery, recounting the details:

Yesterday in Albany, a cat was found abandoned in a bag alongside trash cans on Sherman Street between Henry Johnson Blvd. and Park St. Albany Police Animal Control responded and brought the cat to safety at Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.

Happily, Newt is settling in well at the animal shelter. On Monday morning, the agency said:

Update! The cat found abandoned on Friday is safe, comfortable and doing well. We have named her Newt and she weighs about 6 lbs. She’s a little nervous in her new surroundings, but has a sweet temperament.


The shelter is hoping to get information about whoever abandoned Newt.

We are still seeking leads and anyone with information is asked to contact the Humane Society at 518-434-8128 or Albany Police at 518-438-4000.

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  1. How can people do this to an animal I would love to be able to abandon these people to the most remote part on earth- no food , no clothes no cell phone and see how they would like it, better yet in the middle of lion/ polar bear/ python territory,with no chance of escape.


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