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Cat Found In Vegas Hotel Room 6 Days After Owner Checked Out

Las Vegas, Nevada – Two guests at the Excaliber Hotel and Casino had an unexpected roommate wake them up during the early morning hours on their recent stay. According to Lindsey Sanders, she and her husband heard something in their room around 4 a.m., and when they looked around, they found a cat. The couple took a video of the cat and posted it to TikTok where it has racked up over 1.2 million views.


There’s a cat in our hotel room. Good thing we’re veterinarians here for a conference. #cat #catinhotel #heishidden #wvc #vetconference #4amwakeup

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As reported by 8 News Now, the cat had been hiding in a small space beneath the bathroom vanity and had been reported missing by the former guest who checked out of the room. With some help from security, the cat was secured and removed from the room.

The cat appeared to be in good condition, despite having had no food for nearly a week. Sanders, a veterinarian, thinks that the cat was drinking water from the toilet to stay hydrated.

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  1. I am sure the dumb ass owner left the cat there on purpose. If you love so much your pet. You never, never would leave it there. I am afraid that if the Hotel staff calls the owner, I am sure 100 percent that whoever did this will pick it up and dumped the cat somewhere else. The heartless owner did it there why no? Somewhere else. Right? I hope the kitty is safe and find a new home. 🙏 😢. Disgusting evil people are dumping their pets everywhere today. Bastards that probably don’t want to deal with vets bills and don’t care about them anymore. I hate people who do this. Animals do have feelings and are not pieces of garment to throw them away like trash. Ugh!!!🤬🤬🤬

  2. I have never seen where a toilet lid is left open by the maids. Usually, there is a paper band around the top and bottom of the toilet lid to let patrons know the toilet was cleaned and not used.

  3. WOW, these two idiots were vets and they let these idiot security guys leave with the cat in a bag. Why didn’t they do the right thing and see if an animal rescue could have taken the cat. The hotel more than likely put the cat on the street or worse. What a couple of dip shits are these people. The cat was scared and they put it in a damn bag. IDIOTS all the way around.

  4. The owner had reported the cat missing. The cat eventually turned up and was relatively OK. I’m sure the cat was fed and returned to the owner who will search more carefully next time or leave the kittycat at home.
    Note: the hotel cleaning staff didn’t find the cat either.

  5. The hotel knows whom was there last and needs to report them abandoning an animal and not give it back to
    Them! They need to be fined and punished for this, the kitty must have been so scare and no food!!!!! Hopefully one of the vets there will take this poor guy home to a nice home where he won’t be abandoned again! What is wrong with these stupid deranged pathetic people these days???

  6. That cat is lucky they were Vets, and animal lovers. Hope they found the owner. Was not happy they used a pillow case to put the cat in, you would think a fancy hotel like that would have a pet carrier. Anyway, hope they found the owner…And fixed the under the sink area so this doesn’t happen again.

  7. All the woman needed to do was open a can of cat food and I believe the cat would’ve come out of hiding. Looks like she wanted to be rid of the poor cat and didn’t want to be prosecuted for abandoning him. I doubt she really wanted him back, but they gave him back to her anyways.

    • Why the hell would you bring a cat with you to a hotel to begin with-I agree that this cat should never have been returned to this irresponsible idiot but the vets response disappointed me. They should have come to the same conclusion as the rest of us that the owner did not deserve to have the cat back and through their connections at the vet conference made sure the cat was going to be taken care of properly. Hate to think what it’s life will be like back with that sorry excuse for an owner.

  8. The woman sounds like an absolute nitwit, too. Prayers that this sweet cat is safe! and will find a loving permanent home worthy of him.

  9. I don’t think the owner could have looked very carefully for her cat before she left. There are only so many places in a hotel room a cat CAN HIDE! And that’s what cats do in strange places-they hide and why this idiot cat owner did n’t know this is beyond me plus the fact if it had got out of the room someone would have seen it in the hallways because once again there are only so many places a cat could go IN A HALLWAY! Feel sorry for the cat that it is owned by such an intellectually challenged nitwit.


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