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Cat Found Hundreds Of Miles From Home Two Years After Disappearing

Prairie Village, Kansas – Members of the Prairie Village Police Department are wondering how an orange tabby cat wound up in Kansas after disappearing from her home in Miami, Florida, two years ago. The wandering cat was recently picked up by a Prairie Village resident and a microchip revealed that her owner lives in Florida.

The police said:

Our animal control officer contacted the owner in Miami and is working on getting them reunited after two years of being separated! Still figuring out she got here 🙂

Kind people who have read the police department’s post about the cat have been offering to transport the cat back to her Florida home.

With all of the offers, the cat should be back home soon!

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  1. Great ending that this cat finds its way home via a microchip. Another example of why owners should get their pets,especially cats microchipped. It is not expensive especially given that it is a one time deal and increases the chances of getting a missing cat back dramatically.


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