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Cat Accidentally Hauled Away With Unwanted Recliner

Ashland, Kentucky – A cat who survived a fire when she was a kitten has recently survived an unintended trek to a warehouse after she was accidentally hauled away with her owner’s unwanted recliner. As reported by WSAZ News, Andi McGlone’s black cat, Inky, was stuck in a recliner that McGlone decided she no longer wanted.

On March 1, McGlone called to have the chair hauled away, not realizing that Inky was trapped inside. McGlone told the news agency:

“She was basically trapped inside the chair,” she said. “It was very upsetting to me. She’s like an emotional support pet.”

Workers at Big Sandy Superstore called McGlone to let her know that a cat escaped from the chair and ran into their warehouse when they were unloading it from the truck.

On three separate occasions, McGlone went to the warehouse to find Inky, but her efforts were fruitless and she was losing hope.

Three weeks later, staff at the warehouse called again…letting McGlone know that they had successfully captured her cat. McGlone said:

“I’m just tickled to death she’s home, and emotionally, I feel complete now.”

(Screenshots from WSAZ News)

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