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Cargo Van Transporting 23 Homeless Dogs Crashes In Delaware

New Castle County, Delaware – On Saturday morning, a cargo van carrying 23 homeless dogs crashed on I-95 northbound. The van overturned after being struck by a car that lost control.

As reported by NBC 10 News, the dogs were being transported from Louisiana shelters to various rescue organizations.

Brandywine Valley SPCA and the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) Office of Animal Welfare teams worked together to care for the dogs involved in the accident. One of the dogs was taken to an emergency veterinarian to be treated for a leg injury.

The rescuers are working to meet the needs of the animals impacted and coordinate with the destination rescue groups where the Louisiana-based dogs were en route.

According to the animal welfare agency, any dogs in need of extended medical treatment will remain in their care.

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You can follow Brandywine Valley SPCA on Facebook at this link.

According to the news agency, the drivers of the cars involved in the accident were not injured.

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  1. Dog breeders can see this and still go on to bring more profitable puppies into this hell. I of course hope all of those sweet dogs are okay and will go on to have beautiful lives with great people.



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