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Budweiser Clydesdales Take Scary Tumble During Show

San Antonio, TX – On February 19, the Budweiser Clydesdales took a scary tumble during the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Video captures the moment that the lead horses appear to turn around into the rest of the team, causing a terrifying domino effect of tumbling horses.

The announcer tries to keep the crowd calm while handlers rush to the arena to assist with untangling the team. Amazingly, the horses remain calm, despite the harrowing situation.

There is concern for one horse who appears to be injured…failing to rise from the dirt with the other horses when the gear is cleared.

But with some gentle coaxing, the horse finally stands, must to the relief of the anxious crowd, which erupts with applause when he is standing once again.

The horses were checked over by a veterinary team. No word about any serious injuries from those involved in the frightening ordeal.

You can watch the video footage of the incident below.


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    • I use to love watching these horses perform, but now I think it is total abuse. The man speaking said they perform 320 days a year and that is pushing it way past their limit. They should be free to run and not have to work hard to make people happy watching them. I know their trainers love them, but I am sure they are not always loving to them when they misbehave. I pray this sweet horse is doing well and the vet found out there is nothing wrong with him, but that he is just over tired.



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