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Brutally Honest Description Of Homeless Dog Is A Success And He Has Found A Home

Anderson, SC – Some people might not appreciate honest biographies for homeless pets because they fear it will scare potential adopters away. But the reality is this – shelters and rescue groups that take the time to make a pet’s biography different, whether it is humorous, or brutally honest, help make that pet stand out.

This month, Anderson County PAWS wrote up an honest, funny biography for a small dog named Sporty who they described as having “a few screws loose.” 

The group wrote:

Sporty is…an interesting guy. By just looking into his wall-eyed gaze, you can tell there are a few screws loose. We’re never quite sure what he’s thinking, if he is at all.

Some people tisk tisked the shelter, fearing that they were scaring adopters away from the dog who was known to change moods on a dime. But the honest tactic worked. On Monday, just days after the original post for Sporty was posted to social media, the shelter let the public know that Sporty had already been adopted, writing:

Sporty, the Chihuahua from hell, found his guardian Angel today!! Sporty’s new dad drove over 4 hours to meet him and Sporty was very grateful! We wish them both the best!!!

Congratulations Sporty, and great job Anderson County PAWS! With tens of thousands of dogs waiting to be noticed, you did an excellent job of drawing attention to this otherwise “hard to place” pup.

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