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Brave Deputies Rescue Young Bull Elk Trapped In Rope Swing

Pierce County, WA – Brave deputies with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office are responsible for saving the life of a young bull elk who found himself hopelessly tangled in a tree swing.

When the deputies were called out on September 1, there were fears that they might have to put the entangled elk down. But the deputies showed up with a different mindset…do everything they could to save the animal’s life.

The elk is clearly in distress when the deputies approach. He can be seen running back and forth, helplessly trying to free himself from the swing. The effort has left him exhausted and breathing heavily.

But with a calm, reassuring voice, and some ingenuity (and bravery!) the deputies are able to carefully cut the rope.

At one point, the frightened elk charges at the deputy who is trying to help – knocking him to the ground. Thankfully, the encounter did not deter the deputies from their efforts to free the animal.

Finally the deputies are met with success and the young bull is freed and promptly runs away.

Great job!!

Watch the dramatic video below:

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