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Boy Finds Cat Who Was Being Abused By Two Men – Suspects Wanted For Cruelty

Ladson, S.C. – Over the weekend, an eight-year-old boy named Holden found a cat who was abused by two men who are now wanted for animal cruelty. According to Count On 2 News, the abusive situation was captured on Ring video in the Plantation Ridge neighborhood on Sunday morning. The disturbing video shows men laughing as they slam the cat to the ground.

Pet Helpers has offered a reward to help find the men responsible for hurting the cat:

🚨Pet Helpers is offering a $1000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of all the individuals involved an an act of animal cruelty against a feline in the Plantation Ridge Community.
These individuals were captured by a ring camera approaching the front porch of a home, grabbing a cat and slamming it into the concrete, laughing while doing so.

Fortunately, the cat survived the abuse, and thanks to the efforts of Holden and his mom, she was found. After heading out to search the neighborhood, Holden and his mom found the cat in a yard on Sunday and took her to the Pet Helpers shelter on Monday for care. The cat, dubbed Eevee, may have an injured jaw; a veterinarian will examine her to determine the extent of her injuries.

Anyone with information about this cruelty case should contact the authorities.

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  1. Hard to believe how many truly sick people there are amongst us. How anyone can get pleasure from doing this to a cat is beyond me. Thankfully the boy saw this and he and his mother were able to find the cat and get it help. Hopefully the two dirtbags can be found who were responsible and charged. Death would be a nice sentence but I would even settle for a severe clubbing to the point their mothers would never recognize them.



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