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Best Cat Dad Built Elevator For Elderly Cat Who Likes To Lay In The Sun

A devoted cat dad, who might possibly be among the world’s best cat dads, recently constructed an elevator for his elderly feline, Frodo. Last week, YouTuber Liam Thompson shared a video of his custom, cat elevator creation with his sizable fan base.

According to Thompson, 20-year-old Frodo regularly tackles a set of stairs in order to reach his favorite spot in the sun, which is located by a pool in the yard. Realizing that the stairs are difficult to maneuver because of Frodo’s advanced age, he decided to create a stair elevator for his cat to use.

Thompson went to work to create the stair elevator, and over the course of four days, he managed to construct an impressive contraption for his beloved cat. Before putting Frodo in the elevator, he ran a test (with a fake, stuffed cat) to ensure that it was safe to use.

The test revealed a few issues that Thompson was eager to overcome. In short order, the elevator was ready for Frodo to try out.

Frodo seemed to know exactly what the contraption was meant for…happily riding down the staircase and then meandering over to his favorite sunny resting place. When he was ready to go back inside, he returned to the elevator and Thompson ran down to help get inside for the ride back up.

The video has been a hit with Thompson’s (and Frodo’s!) fans, with over 561,000 views and nearly 3,500 comments. Watch the video below.

Great job Liam – all cats should have people like you in their life!

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