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Beloved Antelope Died After Choking On Trash At Zoo

Limestone, TN – A beloved antelope died at a Tennessee zoo after choking on a piece of carelessly discarded trash. Brights Zoo explains:

Some ask why we don’t allow squeezable pouches into the zoo. The reason is simple – the packaging is dangerous to our animals. Today we lost a beloved animal due to choking.

Noting that despite the added safety measure of checking bags, “some people find ways to sneak these in.”

Lief, a 7-year-old male sitatunga, likely mistook the squeezable pouch as food.

Staff noted that Lief still “had a lot of life to live.”

Please be mindful of rules and the harm that might happen if you choose to break them. And please ensure trash makes it to a dumpster or trash bin…beautiful creatures like Lief may lose their life for something carelessly tossed aside.

Rest in peace Lief.


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  1. people really suck. they can’t follow instructions and do whatever they please at the cost of this poor animal. i wish they could find them and hold them accountable. these parks need to change policy. if you leave the park and re enter you will be searched again and if your caught with any items that are in violation of policy you are booted out on your ass and never be allowed to come back. people like this you don’t need.


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